Pause and Ponder

Arriving at the Women’s March in Toronto last Saturday, I began looking for the other OLMs and friends that I knew would be there.  I never found them.  There was just too big a crowd.  Organizers estimate that 60,000 people were there.  I believe them!  All the time I spent at the march from Queen’s […]

We Envision A World…

It’s a New Year, that particular moment in time when we review the blessings and disappointments of the past year and look to the new with a sense of expectation, of starting over and countless possibilities. This is an occasion of thankfulness for the people with whom we share home and community and for all […]

Christmas Blessings

This year as we celebrate the joy of a new birth that is Christmas, Our Lady’s Missionaries cannot help but also hold in our hearts the sadness of the sudden loss of our sister, Susan Moran, last December 18.  We are grateful for all the love and support we have received at this time.  As […]

Service to Mission

  Sisters Mary Deighan and Mary Gauthier celebrated the 60th anniversary of their membership in Our Lady’s Missionaries on Saturday, December 10. The two sisters and many other OLM s gathered with family members and friends at our central house, 2 Leander Court. The celebration began with Mass at 4:00 pm at which Father Brian […]


  Partners are friends of Our Lady’s Missionaries who share our values and concern for social justice.  On Sunday, December 4th we met to discuss the Leap Manifesto. “Things are going to slide, Slide in all directions Won’t be nothing Nothing you can measure anymore The blizzard, the blizzard of the world Has crossed the […]

“Homeless Jesus”

  A friend from Japan visited Sr. Susan Moran at Leander house in August.  He was offered a gift of the statue of “The Homeless Jesus” as symbol of their shared ministry.  Then a few weeks ago, Fr. Hiroaki Yoshiba, S.J. sent some photos of the statue placed in the soup kitchen in his parish. […]

Thank You to our Partners with OLM Group!

Our OLM Christmas greetings go out in the mail this week!  We never could have done it without the help of our Partners with OLM Group.  Last month we gathered to stuff, label and stamp over 2000 pieces of mail.  Together we proved the adage that “Many hands make light the work.”  It seemed that […]

Remembrance 2016

Whether we know it or not, we convey the presence of our loved ones who have gone before us. On the 13th of November, OLMs, families, relatives and friends gathered together at Leander house to remember those who have influenced our lives with their love and goodness.   Although, they have passed on, their lives continue […]

World Mission Sunday

On World Mission Sunday, October 23’rd, Our Lady’s Missionaries gathered to pray and reflect on our call to mission.  At the end of the day we gathered to share insights and stories.  We remembered with much love and gratitude so many people with whom we have shared life in various places around the world.  We […]

A Conversation From The Heart

Our Lady’s Missionaries is privileged to share with you this information regarding interfaith dialogue.  Paul McKenna of Scarboro Missions Interfaith Department, requested us to consider spreading this announcement to all our friends and we can only be more than grateful to respond to his request. Scriptural Reasoning — a group-based interfaith study of sacred texts Dear […]