All Souls Day

Each year during the month of November, the time of All Saints and All Souls, OLM’s celebrate a liturgy in remembrance of any family, relatives and friends that have died during the year.  During 2014 the ones remembered are many.  They include…     Father Ron MacDonell’s homily, the liturgy and the participation was a […]

Remembering Mina

We are saddened to learn of the death of our friend, Mina – Maria Teresa Velasco – last night. Mina came to our central house most Thursdays and spent the day helping to answer the phone and helping some of us figure out our e-mails, and other things. But it is not the things that […]

Sisters in Spirit

October 4th is the annual Sisters in Spirit Vigil across Canada.  The purpose of this vigil is to honour  the hundreds of murdered and missing Aboriginal women and to raise awareness of this tragedy.  In Toronto the event was hosted by The Native Women’s Resource Centre at Allan Gardens. A series of powerful Aboriginal murals have […]

October OLM’s Partners Meeting

In 2005, concerned by the needs of immigrants and refugees coming to Toronto, the Congregational Leaders of several religious communities established Becoming Neighbours, a joint apostolic ministry.  Father Peter McKenna S.C.J was invited by the communities to become the Director of this Ministry. On October 6, the Partners gathering at OLM’s was fortunate to have […]

The Blessing

The Blessing Elizabeth Weaver of threads ribbons of dreams whisps of vision imaging the beauty infusing the trust remembering that once fearful journey of days gone by the guiding hand leading little ones to tempestuous turbulent water fall a picnic satiety on simple fare we too know of such journeys yet always the blessing empowering […]

Re-visioning Our Life in the 21st Century

      Our Lady’s Missionaries gathered with Sr. Elizabeth Davis, RSM last September 18 and 19 as preparation for our coming chapter gathering in 2015.  These two days of encounter were a contemplative look at how we envision our future. Our gathering began with a prayer that touched upon Scripture, our OLM constitutions and […]

Global Care for The Earth

On Sunday September 21st the rains poured as if the heavens were crying over the destruction of the Earth for which we are responsible.  All of a sudden the rain stopped and the sun shone!  Our Earth felt the hope as thousands were gathering in many parts of the world to express our concern and […]

The Parables of Jesus

            Scarboro Missions are now posting  a weekly reflection  on the Scarboro Blog.  The following is one and below that is the link for future posts.   A reflection by Fr. Russ Sampson, SFM. For a long time now, I have been taken up by the central theme of Jesus’ […]

OLM NEWS- Just off the Press

Recently Sister Norma Samar, of Our Lady’s Missionaries, has taken up the pastoral care of  the people of Our  Lady of Mount Carmel Parish  and will make her home in Southend, Saskatchewan.  Blessings on you Norma and all the people. 

A Special Feast day for OLM’s

On August 15th Our Lady’s Missionaries gathered with friends at our central house to celebrate the Assumption of Mary. During the Eucharistic Liturgy we offered thanks for all the blessings received during our 65 years in  ministry. For some sisters, this was the day of entrance to OLM, for others, it was the day of making […]