Reflections in Hebron

  Every morning I go up on the roof of our building in Hebron seeking some solitude for reflection. What constantly strikes me is the freedom of the birds that arise and take flight across the sky as if to praise their maker for the gift of life and another day. The Hebron hills and […]


What a delightful sight to see a kite dancing against the skyline of Hebron! It appeared to made of a discarded plastic bag, imaging for me the hope and renewed life that lies hidden within what often seems like an intractable dilemma……”The Occupation”. . I couldn’t see the young boy who had created this beautiful […]

Pope Francis announces September 1 as “World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation”

Pope Francis declared September 1’st World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation for the Catholic Church, thus joining the Orthodox Church which has observed the day since 1989. The Pope made the announcement in a letter to the heads of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace and the Pontifical Council for the […]

Back to School Reflection by CPT Reservist Rosie Williamson,olm

    Back to school for most children is an exciting time when they meet new and old friends and share stories about their summer vacation.  In Hebron, the soldiers and checkpoints of the occupation impose a very different reality on the return to school.  To reach their schools the children here must pass through […]

Reflection for the Feast of the Assumption – August 15, 2015

Suzanne Marshall, Mary Deighan and Christine, our recent leadership team, are now passing their responsibilities over to the new team of Frances, Christine and Mary Gauthier. God has been generous in giving us sisters that still have the competence and compassion to guide the community. They are leading us through our ongoing transitions toward the […]

Our Lady’s Missionaries Celebrate August 15, 2015

Continuing the Chapter theme of ‘Embracing Life with Gratitude’, Our Lady’s Missionaries celebrated the transfer of their leadership at a Liturgy on the feast of the Assumption, presided over by Fr. Jack Lynch. Appreciation was expressed to Suzanne Marshall, Mary Deighan, and Christine Gebel for their devoted service over the past four years and a blessing […]

13’th General Chapter of Our Lady’s Missionaries June, 2015

  The 13’th General Chapter of Our Lady’s Missionaries was held at the Scarboro Mission Center from June 14’th to June 19‘th. To help us focus on our Chapter business, we concentrated on our inspirational theme ” Embracing Life With Gratitude”. Every sister participated in some way – from Delegate to Prayer Partner. Sisters Veronica […]

Gift Box at King and Church

The Faith Alliance is a collation of groups and individuals who are motivated by faith, trying different ways to eliminate Human trafficking in Toronto and around the world. One of the projects now being used to bring awareness of the need to stop this abuse of vulnerable people is the “Gift Box”. The Gift Box […]

This Blessed Land

Land of the elk, the bear, the loon, A thousand others beneath the moon. The Inuit and Aboriginal, it’s their eternal home. A place to hunt a place to die, a place to “Forest gods” on High. Twightlight falls, the end is near of mortal fear. Listen to the paddles, singing in the swell, Hard […]

Friends of OLM Do It Again

2015 marks the 125th year of the founding, in 1890, of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall. A variety of special celebrations had been held to mark the occasion throughout the diocese. On May 21 2015, the Orders of Sisters who have served in the diocese or are presently serving in varying capacities, were invited as well […]