Global Care for The Earth

On Sunday September 21st the rains poured as if the heavens were crying over the destruction of the Earth for which we are responsible.  All of a sudden the rain stopped and the sun shone!  Our Earth felt the hope as thousands were gathering in many parts of the world to express our concern and […]

The Parables of Jesus

            Scarboro Missions are now posting  a weekly reflection  on the Scarboro Blog.  The following is one and below that is the link for future posts.   A reflection by Fr. Russ Sampson, SFM. For a long time now, I have been taken up by the central theme of Jesus’ […]

OLM NEWS- Just off the Press

Recently Sister Norma Samar, of Our Lady’s Missionaries, has taken up the pastoral care of  the people of Our  Lady of Mount Carmel Parish  and will make her home in Southend, Saskatchewan.  Blessings on you Norma and all the people. 

A Special Feast day for OLM’s

On August 15th Our Lady’s Missionaries gathered with friends at our central house to celebrate the Assumption of Mary. During the Eucharistic Liturgy we offered thanks for all the blessings received during our 65 years in  ministry. For some sisters, this was the day of entrance to OLM, for others, it was the day of making […]

Joyful and Always Prepared

Who is my neighbor?  The bible prods us to answer.  One day last winter, I was reminded again who is my neighbor and who it can be. My pastoral work in the Keewatin-Le Pas Archdiocese requires me to visit distant reserves weekly. One Sunday in December, I asked  Michael one of the parishioners, if he […]

Our Lady’s Missionaries Celebrate 65 Years

  1949-2014 “What can I give to you for all your goodness to me.” These words of the psalmist (116) echo in the hearts of each of our sisters as we celebrate 65 years of blessing on May 31st.  They must have echoed in the heart of our founder Fr. Dan McDonald as he offered […]

Report on Muslim-Christian dialogue event in Toronto

  A message from Paul McKenna of Scarboro Missions: Dear interfaith colleagues in the GTA:  One of the refreshing developments in the interfaith movement is the emergence of bi-lateral dialogues such as Jewish-Muslim, Hindu-Buddhist, Muslim-Hindu, Hindu-Sikh, Sikh-Catholic and Jewish-Christian. This bi-lateral approach provides a sharper focus for interfaith dialogue and improves the relationship between the two specific […]

CNWE Video on YouTube

The Catholic Network for Women’s Equality (CNWE) has produced a short video describing its beginnings as well as its current activity. To watch it, go to this link: Catholic Network for Women’s Equality (CNWE) – YouTube To learn more about CNWE, visit their website:  Catholic Network for Women’s Equality | CNWE offers a vision of church […]

Mary Malone

Spending a Sunday evening with Mary Malone was a delight. Her Irish wit and positive energy filled the room as she told stories of women in church history and sought to understand why we who are women are still forgotten. She has done intensive research and is the author of several books, including “Women and […]


“The Lord has risen indeed” May you have a joyful Easter celebration!  Many of us have fond memories of Easter traditions from our past.  Below are those of our friend and olm partner, Maria Teresa Velasco.  Please add your own memories below in the comments box.  We’d love to hear from you.  He is Risen […]