OLM Chronicles

OLM Chronicles – Brazil Stories

One of the chapters of the OLM Chronicles features stories about the people of Brazil and some of their struggles and victories over social injustice. Sr. Mae Janet MacDonell, has spent most of the last 40 years working in many underprivileged areas of Brazil.

The first OLM Chronicles story, Dimas: Two Full Moons, as written and told by Sr. Mae Janet, is about a small boy from the slums of Fortaleza, and his personal victory over grave social disadvantage… love wins out!

OLM Chronicles – Nigeria Stories

This chapter of the OLM Chronicles contains stories of the “bent” people of Nigeria. Sr. Rosemarie Donovan has been working with the disabled people of Nigeria since 1976. This specific story, The Smiles of Nigeria, features the challenges of the disabled or “bent” people as they are known in the Vandeikya area .

Much of the work Rosemarie has undertaken to help these handicapped people, has focused on providing long term physiotherapy, medication or corrective surgery as required. In many cases, a wheelchair enables these people to become mobile for the first time in their lives.