OLM Chronicles

The OLM Chronicles is a series of short stories, as told by various members of Our Lady’s Missionaries.

The general focus of the stories is to highlight special friendships which they have developed over the years. To share the joys, sorrows and passions of these special relationships, so that others may benefit from the positive impact that Our Lady’s Missionaries have had and continue to have. In sharing their insights, we hope you will gain a better appreciation for the unique and individual enrichment each member of Our Lady’s Missionaries has brought into the lives of those they have worked with.

The OLM Chronicles is intended to be an on-going project with new stories being added as time permits. The project is being developed as a multimedia package with primary distribution via DVD, although segments may be available via VHS.

The objectives of the OLM Chronicles are:

  • create additional awareness of the contributions Our Lady’s Missionaries have made around the world,
  • foster recruitment for the cause of missionary work; to help the least privileged and work for global justice and peace,
  • attract support for the ongoing efforts of Our Lady’s Missionaries via sponsorships or contributions.

Read some of our stories

  • Brazil
  • Nigeria

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