Spiritual Accompaniment

(Also called Spiritual Direction)

 The ministry of spiritual accompaniment is about being present to and with you as you journey towards becoming more aware of the Holy in your life.

During a session you might share dreams, desires, concerns and anxieties.  The person who is accompanying you will try to reflect back what she/he has heard or ask questions for clarification in the hope that you will become ever more in touch with your own inner Wisdom.

Those who feel drawn towards receiving spiritual accompaniment might feel that something is missing, even if they can’t quite name what it is.

At the first session, you will talk about expectations on both sides and get to know each other.  Sometimes two people just don’t “click.”  A person in spiritual accompaniment is always completely free to end the spiritual accompaniment relationship.

For more information, feel free to get in touch with Sr. Christine Gebel, olm who is qualified in spiritual accompaniment.    christinemgebel@gmail.com