Becoming Neighbours

Our Lady’s Missionaries is privileged to be part of Becoming Neighbours, a joint Apostolic Ministry with eighteen other religious congregations in the Archdiocese of Toronto. The purpose of Becoming Neighbours is to assist new refugees and immigrants to Canada by providing a presence in the form of friends, guides and mentors as the newcomers become settled and adjusted to their new home in Toronto.

Women and men members of religious congregations and their associates are matched with newcomers as Prayer Partners or Companions.

Prayer Partners pray each day a prayer of solidarity for “her/his” newcomer. The prayer partner is kept informed about the needs and hopes of the newcomer as well as anything in particular for which prayers are requested.

Companions accompany newcomers in a variety of ways according to circumstances and need. They usually meet regularly for a friendly visit, perhaps to help with language study. Companions sometimes assist with finding housing, school registration for the children, attending hearings related to refugee claims or assisting with job search.

Becoming Neighbours promotes two-way cultural enrichment and sharing while assisting immigrants and refugees to become active participating members of the community. As the name implies, this ministry helps new residents to feel “at home” in their adopted country and leads to many lasting friendships.

Sr. Frances Brady, olm  at the Canada Day Picnic

Sr. Frances Brady, olm
at the Canada Day Picnic



Celebrating a birthday with OLM Sisters

Celebrating a birthday with OLM Sisters














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BECOMING NEIGHBOURS, a Joint Apostolic Ministry

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