Guadalupe Circle: Taking Action Together

Photo from The Catholic Register on Guadalupe Circle

Two OLMs attended the JPIC (Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation) Ontario gathering that was held on November 22-23, 2017 at  Providence Spirituality Center, Kingston.

The theme of the gathering was focussed on “How can we as Catholics engage Canada’s First Nations in our efforts to further reconciliation?”

Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle is a Catholic coalition of Indigenous People, bishops, clergy, lay movements and institutes of consecrated life, engaged in renewing and fostering relationships between the Catholic Church and Indigenous People in Canada.

This circle has a fourfold purpose:  “First, To provide a forum for its members to dialogue and encourage deeper understanding of the relationships between the Church and Indigenous people and Indigenous spirituality in Canada. Second, To serve as a united Catholic public voice on relations and dialogue between the Church and Indigenous people and Indigenous spirituality in Canada. Third, To assist Catholics in engagement with the Truth and Reconciliation process and its Calls to Action. And the last, To carry out agreed upon initiatives and concrete actions.”

A documentary film entitled “The Doctrine of Discovery” which was shown during the gathering was a powerful tool for reflection that deepened our understanding of why reconciliation with Indigenous People is an urgent matter for the Catholic Church to take action.

Now that a coalition is created, let us lend our support and hope that this remarkable step for our Church is proven to be a serious response to the call for Truth and Reconciliation.  May justice and peace flourish for all.


-Lorie Nuñez, OLM

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