Honouring Water

Pat Poitras lighted a floating tea candle.

On September 14th, a Thursday evening,  some OLMs and friends met for a faith sharing reflection at Cosburn house using “Water” as a theme for the prayer gathering.

Sr. Norma Samar, OLM lighted one of the floating tea candles.

Evelyn, a neighbour, joined the prayer gathering



Christine, who organized this small group sharing, invited each one to remember their experiences of water.  Some shared delightful experiences of water from childhood and some brought out their awareness about water today.   These included scarcity of water in most third world countries, contamination of water due to mining and chemicals from industrial factories, the unfair distribution of water that regularly appears in the news and social media featuring farmers and urban poor communities suffering due to difficult access to water,  and most of all is the alarming privatization of water in the world.

Prayer centrepiece.

The gathering concluded with sharing a variety of ideas on how to preserve, protect, and honour water as a sacred gift from God.  One idea is to get involved with the Great Lakes Water Walk on September 24.

-Lorie Nunez, OLM

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  1. gabrielle benoit says:

    A sharing of life’s special necessity , water, was a evening to celebrate. gb

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