Our Lives Connected



                                                    -Sr. Marie Clarkson, OLM


Sr. Clarice Garvey and Sr. Frances Brady, visit one Monday afternoon.

                   Remind me

O mother


whose nurturing spirit

lives connected

with all of creation

the past

the present

and all

that is yet to come

Sr. Margaret Walsh, OLM and her niece, Peggy and husband David, and her sister, Denise

                             remind me

of the energy

   of life                                                         empowering me

 to stand tall

 facing gales

or gentle breezes

          to walk softly

Sr. Mona Kelly, OLM is having a good visit while waiting for a BINGO game.

over grassy plains

 or rocky hill

  to embrace

all that is yet to be

  remind me

O mother

of my loving cenre

my tender core

remind me

Sr. Cecile Turner, OLM visiting with Sr. Frances Brady and Esmeralda Gonzales looks on.

of the newness

of each moment

of blessing received

and blessings


of the blessing

that I am


Remind me

O mother.

4 Responses to “Our Lives Connected”

  1. boa noite missionarias de nossa senhora ,ficamos felizes em ver as fotos da irmã clarice e irmã mona ,peço que repassem o nossos abraços e desejo de muita saúde e paz .cicera e francisco-planalto do pici-fortaleza-brasil.
    English translation:
    good evening Our Lady’s Missionaries, we are happy to see the photos of sister clarice and sister mona, Please give them a hug from us and our prayers for good health and peace. – from cicera and francisco, Planalto do Pici Fortaleza-Brazil.

    • Tricia Velasco Smith says:

      Hello sisters! So good to see you, even only in pictures. Sending you our love and best regards from Northern Virginia. We look forward to one day visiting with all of you again.
      Much love,
      Patricia and Tim

    • Lorie Nunez says:

      Bom Dia a todos! Estou feliz em ouvir de você especialmente em lembrar-nos em suas orações. Você nos inspirou mantendo essa conexão conosco e com o povo do Brasil. Lorie
      English Translation:
      Good morning to you all! I am glad to hear from you especially in remembering us in your prayers. You inspired us by keeping this connection with us and to the people of Brazil.

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