Partners with OLM BBQ

The Partners with OLM group and Our Lady’s Missionaries gathered on a Sunday afternoon in June to review the past year and celebrate with a potluck barbecue.

We re-read our Mission Statement:

PARTNERS with Our Lady’s Missionaries is a group of women and men who are attracted to our charism, share our concern for social justice and respect our values.

Some Partners have been involved with the community for many years. Others are new friends whom we warmly welcome.

Partners’ meetings are held several times a year during which we address current social justice issues for advocacy, and faith-based action. We recognize that Partners engage in such actions as they are able, considering that many are already involved in a variety of ministries.

We feel that our lives are enriched by interaction with the Partners who have helped us in many ways and we hope that this enrichment is mutual.

We also remembered the questions and concerns we had explored during the past year, and talked about what we would like to address in the coming year.

Since it had been raining off-and-on, it wasn’t until the meeting was finishing up that we could declare that the next part of our gathering, the potluck barbecue, could be an outside event!  Though it was cool’ish, the conversation and camaraderie were filled with warmth and all the edible offerings were delicious!

– Christine Gebel, OLM

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