Sacred Water


Participants of CRC JPIC National Conference. Photo credits to Christina Zha, Mary Ward Centre

Two OLM sisters attended the CRC National JPIC Gathering held last June 6-8, 2017 in Toronto with the theme: “Access to safe drinking water is a basic and human right”.

Elder Josephine Mandamin, Ojibwe Grandmother and Water Walker assisted by Sr. Priscilla Solomon, CSJ

The gathering started with Elder Josephine Mandamin, Ojibwe grandmother and water walker who described how indigenous nations live with reverence for nature.  She demonstrated why and how she respects water as a way of life by telling us stories and beliefs that women, as life-givers have a special responsibility to protect the water as sacred, as the “lifeblood of Mother Earth.”

Photo credits to

Maude Barlow on Water is “a basic and human right”



Her walking around lakes and rivers as a journey to respect water and the impact of  the second speaker, Maude Barlow of Council of Canadians on Blue Future advocacy, convinced us to protect water for people and the planet forever. Both speakers inspired us to act for this challenging water advocacy.

Water indeed is a basic and human right!

There is a blue community campaign that hopes to raise awareness in the world for free and clean water by encouraging collaborative efforts in local areas to identify actions that can be taken to improve water quality and quality of life in local neighbourhoods.

-Lorie Nunez, OLM

Below are links that help us to learn how to engage in preserving the sacredness of water:


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