Islamophobia… revisited

Khadijah Kanji (Left) from Noor Cultural Centre and Sr. Christine Gebel, OLM

After having listened to Samira Kanji speak to the Partners with OLM group about Islamophobia in regards to Islam and women, we realized that there was yet much to be learned.  So, on a Sunday in May the partners group gathered again and listened as Khadijah Kanji first led us in prayer, and then led us deeper into questions and concerns regarding Islamophobia.

Group in diads discussion

We came to realize how lopsided the media reports on violent acts are.  As a result, many of us may have a vague impression of a huge threat of Muslim extremism hanging over our heads.

In fact:


In 2016: Americans were less likely to be killed by Muslim extremists (1 in 6 million) than for being Muslim (1 in million).



And from the FBI:


From 1980 to 2005: 94% of terrorist attacks on US soil were committed by non-Muslims.


In Canada the government doesn’t even keep statistics on Muslim violence.  However, we do know that:


Since 9/11:

  • Muslim ‘terrorist’ violence: 2 deaths
  • Anti-Muslim hate violence: 6 deaths


Once again, we left our gathering realizing that there was still much to learn.

Mary Edmunds thanking Khadijah Kanji after her talks


Joanne Duff, facilitator of this gathering.


One thing we can all do now is hold all Muslims in prayer as they begin the sacred month of Ramadan.  May they be strengthened in their faith and energized to carry out the special acts of charity which are such an important component of Ramadan.

-Christine Gebel, OLM

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