Praying with our Feet

The invitations came from various groups, each with some specific social justice and/or ecological focus.  One that caught my eye, from the Catholic Climate Covenant, stated PRAY WITH YOUR FEET ON APRIL 29!  And so we did.  Four OLMs joined the Toronto People’s Climate March along with an estimated 1,100 others.

The gathering opened with First Nations prayer and drumming.  After listening to some very good speakers, those who are First Nations were invited to lead the rest of us on the march itself.  What an appropriate gesture of our need to listen to the traditional wisdom of indigenous peoples.  Important also to remember, as one speaker stated, we are ALL indigenous to somewhere.


For me, the march did become a prayer as I looked around and rejoiced in the diversity of those who marched and enjoyed the positive responses of bystanders.  May we all become more aware and more involved in learning how to live in harmony with our one and only Earth.

– By Christine Gebel, OLM











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