Gratitude Means Involvement

A flower arrangement by Sr. Noreen, OLM

We know the season of Easter we are now entering as a time of joy and celebration, of gratitude for God’s promise that life triumphs over death and good is stronger than evil.

If this attitude of hope can seem difficult to enter into because we feel surrounded by violence, oppression and fear, perhaps it has never been more needed. It is a call to recognize the signs of God’s presence, of goodness, beauty and life and know that they too are all around us.

The budding of peonies in our backyard garden

The earth is coming to life after the cold and darkness of winter. People, individually and courageously, or gathered in hundreds and thousands, declare publicly and honestly their opposition to oppression of any group. Refugee families help others who come after them, providing the welcome and support for which they themselves are grateful. In endless examples of kindness and generosity women, men and children put the welfare of others ahead of personal gain or convenience.


The blooming of daffodil in our backyard garden

Looking around us we can see that the miracle of Easter continues. Our acceptance of God’s promise is not passive. Our gratitude means involvement. The Spirit of God is so wonderfully present in and among us and it is up to us to make it more visible, more tangible.

May your Easter season be filled with hope and possibilities.

-By Frances Brady, OLM

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