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Tuesday, October 10th, 2017


Our Lady’s Missionaries celebrated Thanksgiving this year with morning Mass and evening dinner together with friends. We were able to name many blessings for which we thank God, for family, friends, nature’s abundance, good food shared, the comfort of home and so much more.

These happy and grateful thoughts could not fill our hearts. They left room for the many people who have less to be thankful for these days, for victims of famine and war, fires and floods and earthquakes, the sick and homeless.

We know it is not enough to give thanks for what we have. If we are blessed, it is with gifts to be used wisely and with respect until we can say that land and air and water, food and energy and shelter, peace and joy and freedom are there for everyone.

Only then will we be able to say that we are truly grateful.



Frances Brady, OLM