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Our Lives Connected

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017



                                                    -Sr. Marie Clarkson, OLM


Sr. Clarice Garvey and Sr. Frances Brady, visit one Monday afternoon.

                   Remind me

O mother


whose nurturing spirit

lives connected

with all of creation

the past

the present

and all

that is yet to come

Sr. Margaret Walsh, OLM and her niece, Peggy and husband David, and her sister, Denise

                             remind me

of the energy

   of life                                                         empowering me

 to stand tall

 facing gales

or gentle breezes

          to walk softly

Sr. Mona Kelly, OLM is having a good visit while waiting for a BINGO game.

over grassy plains

 or rocky hill

  to embrace

all that is yet to be

  remind me

O mother

of my loving cenre

my tender core

remind me

Sr. Cecile Turner, OLM visiting with Sr. Frances Brady and Esmeralda Gonzales looks on.

of the newness

of each moment

of blessing received

and blessings


of the blessing

that I am


Remind me

O mother.

Solar Eclipse 2017

Monday, August 21st, 2017

Our precious homemade solar eclipse projectors

On August 21, 2017, some OLMs observed the solar eclipse using our neat homemade viewers made of shoe boxes, pieces of aluminum foil and white bond paper, thanks to the CSA for posting instructions on how to make a solar eclipse projector.

The solar eclipse in Toronto occurred at about 2:30 pm.  It was a partial solar eclipse which means that the sun and moon were not perfectly aligned and only a part of the sun was hidden by the moon.

The dimming and the change of the sunlight during the eclipse was an encounter with the mystery of creation!  According to the Canadian Space Agency, the next total solar eclipse to be visible in Canada will occur on April 8, 2024, when the path of totality will cross Mexico, the United States and Eastern Canada.

-Lorie J. Nunez, OLM



Chico and Pedro – Sister Maejanet Mac Donnell, OLM

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017


OLMs remember Maejanet Mac Donnell known as “Elisabete” by the people of Brazil for her deep thoughts about peace and justice she portrayed in this poem she wrote.


Chico and Pedro

Sister Maejanet Mac Donnel, OLM


“Yip, Yip, Va” and a rustling swack

Of palm leaf bough behind his back

Sends his donkey scrambling along the track

“Va”, calls Chico with another swack.


Pedro, the donkey, pulls and heaves

sun beams dance through banana leaves.

The stream trickles slowly and turns and weaves

over stones and long dried mango leaves.


Brown fingers beat a bongo tune

On a round tin drum to be filled up soon

With bananas ripe from the rains of June

And Chico loves his world this noon.


How he loves his world of Brazilian sun

And his sweet-smelling lead on the donkey run

And he wonders if all boys have such fun

As he aims at a hawk with his sling shot gun.


For the world he loves is the world he knows

And he’s never heard of the land with snows

Or a golden autumn with rows and rows

Of flaming maples, or great ski tows.


But he’s a boy who will soon be a man

And his hopes are as yours, no different than,

To be strong and good, an honored man

A generous and loving, and well-loved man.


So you see though his world is miles away

The dreams he dreams from day to day

Are the dreams you dream, for they really say

Teach me to love dear Lord, and to give it away.