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Celebrating Family Day

Monday, March 20th, 2017

Recently OLM’S were treated to a very special and delicious supper, celebrating Family Day on 19th of February. Heather, Bob, John and Lydia arrived at our Central House bringing with them all the food, a variety of appetizers, roast beef, vegetables, and desserts and special supper music! While OLM’s were enjoying the appetizers and the music our friends were kept busy in the kitchen cooking us up a banquet.


We did enjoy and appreciate the evening of fun, food and love with our special and generous friends Heather, Bob, Lydia, and John.


-By  Noreen Kearns



International Women’s Day And Human Trafficking

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

Members and friends of the Catholic Network For Women’s Equality gathered in the chapel of the Basilian Fathers on St.Joseph St. to pray and reflect on human trafficking before proceeding to the intersection of Bloor and Bay St. for their annual vigil.


We sat in a circle at the centre of which a cloth with a large chain had been placed. Following some moments of quiet we reflected on the root causes of human trafficking from the perspective of the victims, the traffickers and those who use the system.


Pamphlets providing information were distributed and we took time to read them in preparation for distributing them and perhaps engaging some in conversations about the issue.


Youth are a primary target of human trafficking and 25% are under the age of 18.

Human trafficking is a criminal offence under Canadian law and Ontario recently proposed anti-human trafficking legislation to help survivors but much remains to be done.


On reaching the intersection it was a challenge to hold the signs in the wind and other members distributed the pamphlets. The response varied but some thanked us for trying to raise awareness while another woman informed us that a ring trafficking teenagers had recently been apprehended.

“Hasten the coming of the day when all people

And our precious Earth itself

Will be treated, not as a commodity,

But as radiant images of your freedom, beauty and truth.”

(Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, Convent Station, N.J.

-By Rosemary Williamson, olm

World Day of Prayer

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

This year the World Day of Prayer was written by women of the Philippines and entitled “Am I Being Unfair to You?”  Sr. Lorie Nuñez, OLM was invited to speak in Markham where several churches gathered together in prayer at St. Patrick’s Church.  Lorie  spoke of the Filipino concept of Sapat na, which can be translated as “enough,” no more and no less.  She pointed out how many Filipinos sacrifice to the point of not having enough for themselves in order to be able to send money to their family back home.  Lorie ended by saying that a truly Sapat na lifestyle means that everyone has enough and the rest of creation is not threatened with extinction, pollution or degradation.

Sr. Lorie, OLM

After a very touching prayer service, everyone shared delicious Filipino food!

We are grateful to the planning committee of Markham’s World Day of Prayer for including Our Lady’s Missionaries.

Srs. Lorie & Christine with members of the Markham planning committee

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