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A Sacred Threshold

Monday, February 15th, 2016

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This was the theme of a CRC workshop held in Kingston at the Providence Spirituality Centre.  Sue Wilson, CSJ presented us with the question: How can we tap a graced reconciling energy to release our capacity to be change-makers in a world of deep divisions?

Background: World Views  Currently we are being challenged to move from a post-modern world view to an Integral World View of “Whole-Making.” This necessitates attention to both the inner and outer aspects of reality. This Evolutionary Consciousness happens when what was unconscious rises to awareness.  Much to our surprize Sue stated that 98% of our thoughts arise from our unconscious.

Sue then led us through the Jungian map of the psyche to alert us to the key role our unconscious plays.  Our personal growth comes from our ability and openness to explore our shadow and respond and surrender to the grace of whole-making.

Contemplation  Our relationship with God must be fostered through contemplation if we are to assume our responsibility in nurturing this task of whole-making and dialoguing with those of a different world view.

Witness Consciousness  Our ability to witness this consciousness flows from our “Being Alone with God.”  Love is consciousness of “Belonging to another.”  Pope Francis stated, “The world is a sacrament of communion.”  We are called to consciously be part of the world and participate in it.

Energy was high throughout the meeting and on its conclusion one of the suggestions for the future was that contemplation be made an integral part of the agenda.  The possibility of making a public statement regarding the issues of ecology, TRC and refugees was also made.

By Sr. Rosemary Williamson, OLM

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