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New Year’s Greeting

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

Preparing to greet the New Year

with anticipation and hope, 

we offer you this prayer written

by our own Sr. Maejanet Mac Donell, OLM


Blessing Prayer

May the blessing of God

Fountain of living water,

Flow within you as a river of life.

May you drink deep of Her wisdom.

May you never thirst again.

May you go through life refreshing many,

And as a sign of healing for all

Through the One who is life eternal.


Christmas Greetings

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

Joanith Nativity



Christmas is a special time for us for a number of

reasons. It’s a time for being with family and friends,

for music, decorations, special food and gifts. Most of

all it is the season of year when we are reminded how

present with us is the God who loves us.

It is at this time of year too, that we realize most clearly

that God comes to us with different names and different

stories but the same message: that we are one

community with similar hopes and dreams for our

families and our world.

At Christmas those of us following one of the stories – of

Jesus, Emanuel, “God with us”- pay more attention to

what it tells us about who God wants us to be and what

we really desire from each other.

As we enjoy our preparations and celebrations we are

thinking of all the people with whom we share our lives

and hopes. Thank you for the ways that you show us

signs of “God with us” through your lives.

Merry Christmas.

May the New Year bring us closer

to the future God desires for us.


Sister Frances Brady,

Our Lady’s Missionaries



Fr. Ken Decker – Long-time Community Friend

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015


On November 30, 2015, Fr. Ken Decker, a Basilian Priest

passed into eternal life. From our initial meeting at the

Maryglen Residence, to regular celebrations of Eucharist at

our Robina House, to spending a sabbatical with our sisters

in Nigeria, to joining us for celebrations at all of our houses

over the years… Ken was a long-time and good friend of

Our Lady’s Missionaries. We will miss him dearly.

With gratitude for his friendship, OLMs attended his

wake and funeral – celebrating the life of a kind and holy


Fr. Ken Decker at the 40'th Anniversary of the Maryglen Residence

Fr. Ken Decker at the 40’th Anniversary of the Maryglen Residence












Fr. Ken Decker at our Clarendon House

Fr. Ken Decker at our Clarendon House

Fr. Ken Decker in Nigeria

Fr. Ken Decker in Nigeria

Celebrating 135 Years of Mission Service

Sunday, December 6th, 2015

On Sunday, December 6 – friends and family

joined the OLMs in celebrating the

anniversaries of three jubilarians:



Sr. Lorie Nuñez – 25 years

Sr. Rosemary Williamson – 50 years

Sr. Marie Clarkson – 60 years

We began our celebrations with a Eucharist at

which Fr. Jack Lynch SFM presided.

Guitar accompaniment was provided by John,

Eppie and Oching, friends from the Filipino


Sr. Marie read one of her poems:

Our Story

 the story

was foretold

listen to the music

of stars

the whisper

of leaves

 hear the gasp

of earth

the wail

of multitudes

 remember the mere maiden


the faith filled


nurturers of life

and love

marvel at the mystery

Divine love

made visible

 cherish the promise

as the story

is retold

 your story

my story

 our story

                    Sr. Marie Clarkson

After Mass, we continued our celebrations with

good food, good conversation and a sing-along.