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Reflections in Hebron

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015


Every morning I go up on the roof of our building in Hebron seeking some solitude for reflection. What constantly strikes me is the freedom of the birds that arise and take flight across the sky as if to praise their maker for the gift of life and another day. The Hebron hills and horizon are alight with the rising sun. That same horizon is also punctuated with the grim spectre of the occupation watch towers. The morning call to prayer echoes from the numerous mosques throughout Hebron. Today was so different for me. Yesterday we had attended the funeral and burial of Hadil.

Hadil(18) was shot dead by Israeli forces at Shuhada checkpoint in occupied Hebron on Tuesday morning (22.09.15). Hadil was a member of a Palestinian family from the H1 region of Hebron, and was in her first year as a student at Hebron University. It was as she was passing through one of the many checkpoints of occupation in H2 Hebron – checkpoints that divide one Palestinian neighborhood from another – that Hadil was so brutally killed.

Details as yet remain unclear but her death is a compelling human and tragic expression of the slow insidious denial of life and dignity wrought by the “Occupation.” The air was full of the voices of the imams at Morning Prayer and since today is the feast of Eid Al Adha they were so fulsome I found myself swept up and yielding to their praise of Allah. This feast recalls Ibraham’s obedience to what he perceived as Allah’s call to sacrifice his only son, only to be surprised by the gift of a ram to sacrifice instead. It is a joyful time when families celebrate meals and give gifts. I wondered how Hadil’s family are coping with their anguish and sorrow. Some day later this week we, the cpter’s plan to visit Hadil’s family. Yesterday the size of the crowd did not allow for this.

May Hadil’s death not be in vain, it need not be so.   It won’t be, if her death and that of others, increases awareness of the need for a just, true and lasting peace for all, Palestinians and Israelis.

Sr. Rosemary Williamson,olm




Monday, September 7th, 2015

Kite Flying - Copy

What a delightful sight to see a kite dancing

against the skyline of Hebron!

It appeared to made of a discarded plastic bag,

imaging for me the hope and renewed life

that lies hidden within what often seems

like an intractable dilemma……”The Occupation”.


I couldn’t see the young boy

who had created this beautiful Winged spirit

who was moving in deep resonance

to a greater spirit who was also unseen

but very much alive!

Yes, who has seen the wind?


This desire to create and play

remains within the children here

despite the daily restrictions

of checkpoints and soldiers.

What of those who stand by

in the international community?

Do they have a belief

in the power of this wind/spirit

to lift the injustice of the



And will they take responsibility….

for to continue to be silent

is to continue to be complicit.

The potential of the human spirit

which rises from a greater spirit

has yet to be tapped.

Surely the hope of that kite flyer boy

and others like him should no longer be denied.

Sr.Rosemary Williamson,olm cpt reservist