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OLM’S Celebrate 66Years

Monday, March 30th, 2015
Fr. Dan Macdonald

Fr. Dan Macdonald

On March 25th OLM’S, all OLM’s except for Sr. Norma who is on Mission in Northern Saskatchewan, gathered at our Central House to celebrate our 66th anniversary since the first Mass was celebrated at what would become Immaculata House, the birthplace of Our Lady’s Missionaries, in Alexandria, Ontario.

That same day, March 25 in 1949 the first Mass was celebrated by our founder ‘Father Dan.’ 66 years later in 2015, Father Jack Lynch of Scarboro Missions was the presider. The shared homily was presented by olm’s, Sisters Christine, Frances and Mary Gauthier.

Following the Eucharist the celebration continued with a delicious meal prepared by all.

Gratitude for the many years since our beginning and the people in many lands who have touched our lives and helped us grow was expressed over and over.

Sister Joan Missiaen,olm

Immaculata House

Immaculata House, Alexandria, Ontario

Our Lady’s Missionaries Keep Earth Hour

Friday, March 27th, 2015



Opening with the following prayer from the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, OLMs will continue to observe Earth Hour, March 28 from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm, by sharing stories, hopes and concerns for our relationship with Earth.


Prayer for Earth Hour


Loving Creator God,

we thank you for the gift of creation and for the beauty of the Earth that you have given us.

As we celebrate Earth Hour we ask for your guidance in our attempts to care for your gift of creation.

Encourage us to minimize our ecological footprints, keep our air pure, our earth bountiful, our waters clean and lifegiving, and to remember that your gift was meant for all who live on this planet.

Help us to live simply that others may simply live.

May this simple action of turning out the lights for one hour increase our awareness of our role as stewards of creation.

Plant in each of us an appreciation and love for your sacred Creation. Breathe into us gratitude for the earth today and every day.

We make this prayer through Jesus Christ, Amen.

Copyright 2014 © Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

22 Earth Hour 2015
grassyOLM Earth Prayer

Be-ing a ‘Presence to Earth’– by Daisy Radigan, D.Min.

Saturday, March 21st, 2015

  This year, OLM’s celebrated St. Valentine’s Day by engaging with Daisy Radigan, D.Min on a reflection about “Relationships.” How and why was the topic of “Relationships” of timely importance? The OLMs are preparing for an upcoming Chapter when the Mission, Community, andLeadership elements in the Directional Statement require discernment, prayer and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Sr. Frances Brady and Sr. Mary Gauthier invited Daisy to facilitate a reflection on “Relationships” toward the Mission directive for be-ing a ‘Presence to Earth.’

     As the Holy Spirit would have it, in May of 2014 the three had spent an Elderberry Connection Retreat weekend with Carolyn W. Toben whose talks and book were about be-ing a ‘Presence to the Earth’ in Recovering A Sense of the Sacred: Ten Conversations with Thomas Berry

    The plan to meet on St. Valentine’s Day was a prayerful appeal to the Holy Spirit of Love to open our hearts and minds. Each sister was asked to (re)read Chapters 4 and 5 from Carolyn’s book on ‘Relationships.’ 

    The afternoon began with the alchemy of food and the bonds of community as the pot luck lunch items arrived at the door each with a friendly “Hello!” There was a buzz of greetings and hugs with an anticipation of how the Holy Spirit might move within and among us.

    Twenty-two of us gathered snuggly in the living room where we immersed in the flow of Prayer, Reflection, Chant and Response. Three themes were explored: Cosmic Divine Love; Cultivating A Sense of the Sacred in Relationships; and LOVE as “an interior binding force in the universe holding all things together.”

    Thomas Berry claims that “We are being driven down to the heart…” that loves and believes that “The Universe is a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects.”

    Together, we celebrated a creation centered Eucharist with Fr. Jack Lynch,SFM. In community we sang, proclaimed the word, and brought forth gifts of the earth: soil, a flowering plant, an amethyst rock, a pitcher of water, wind chimes, and a candle flaming. We were open to the grace to be ‘a Presence to Earth’ more fully within God’s dream for the Earth community.

Submitted  by : Daisy Radigan,D.Min.

rosie and daisyGetAttachment








Today is International Women’s Day!

Saturday, March 7th, 2015

Last Friday, four OLM sisters joined the Catholic Network for Women’s Equality as they continued the tradition of marking the immanence of International Women’s Day by raising awareness about human trafficking. First they gathered at the Mary Ward Centre to hear presentations by Varka Kalaydzhieva, of the FCJ Refugee Centre and Kelly Cowell, of the Faith Alliance to end Human Trafficking. After bundling up, over 20 women silently walked to the corner of Bay & Bloor, one of Toronto’s busiest intersections, holding signs and handing out brochures about human trafficking. Here’s an excerpt from the brochure:   

Sister Christine Gebel, olm

To learn more about human trafficking…

Canadian Council for Refugees :

National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking

Trafficking and sexual exploitation will escalate with the 2015 PAN AM Games, Toronto July 10-26, 2015

Look for the GIFT box initiative at the Games!

GIFT box is a United Nations initiative to raise awareness about human trafficking at world sporting events.

The GIFT box is a walk-in street sculpture that invites you inside with promises and offers, but once inside you are presented with a different

reality…the reality of trafficking.

For more info and to get involved:

If you need help or want to report

suspected trafficking…

Toronto Human Trafficking



Leaving the Mary Ward Centre

Leaving the Mary Ward Centre

Walking towards Bay & Bloor

Walking towards Bay & Bloor

Bay & Bloor

Bay & Bloor

Bay & Bloor

Bay & Bloor

Bay & Bloor

Bay & Bloor

Living with limits, living well

Monday, March 2nd, 2015



Photo of Living With Limits


This is the title of a new workbook developed by the Jesuit Forum for Social Faith and Justice.  ON January 18, 2015 Anne Marie Jackson one of the co-authors presented us with a stimulating and enthusiastic introduction to how this booklet could be used.  Here was the very tool we needed to engage our partners and our Sisters in a discussion leading to action on the challenging issues confronting us: Economy, Increasing gap between the rich and poor, Globalization and Climate Change.

Our first meeting was held on Sunday, February 22 at Leander House.  We formed into two groups to foster participation by all.  The first chapter, Towards a new economy: challenging the growth mantra had been read in preparation. The diversity of life experiences enriched the discussion.

Some comments from our discussion:

Heard in a homily at church: If everyone in the world consumed at the same rate as Canadians; we would require 3.62 planets.  Also included in the booklet.

Is recycling garbage too difficult for seniors….could neighbours help

Some people work at 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet

Families to spend more time together

Awareness of climate change and fossil fuel use contributing is growing people are becoming active on this

Greed for more and more in a consumer society

Quote Sen. Robert Kennedy highlighting how the GNP doesn’t include what makes life worth living impressed another member

In this time of great suffering for all of creation we are called to a deep conversion to build a new creation of love and peace

The task is great but God is with us

We learned from each other and realize our need to become better informed

At the conclusion of the afternoon all felt it had been very worthwhile and were enthused about returning for a meeting on March 15.

Our next chapter for reflection and discussion:

What is a Covenant Economy?

Sr. Rosemary Williamson,olm