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Christmas Blessings from OLM

Saturday, December 20th, 2014


Mother and Child by Galo B. OcampoMother and Child, by Galo B. Ocampo


The Promise

 What mystery this

remembering the promise

from of old

believing in that promise

embracing the gift

of life

in all and for all

she wrapped the child

with tenderness

so gentle

yet so strong

rejoicing in this


of love

Sr. Marie Clarkson olm


The fullness of joy

is to behold God

in everything.

Julian of Norwich

May you discover

much peace and joy

in the year


Our Lady’s Missionaries

Marvelling in the gift of life

Marvelling in the gift of life

Rejoicing in the goodness of all

Rejoicing in the goodness of all

 Mary was able to turn a stable

into a home for Jesus,

with poor swaddling clothes

and an abundance of love.

Pope Francis, Joy of the Gospel

Upholding the dignity of all

Upholding the dignity of all


God’s promise is remembered the weary world rejoices in the oness of all

Protecting the Earth

Protecting the Earth












Bringing blessings from Alexandria to Toronto in 1959

Bringing blessings from Alexandria to Toronto in 1959



Looking back and looking forward

                       …with much gratitude


     Our Lady’s Missionaries is currently

in the process of writing our history. 

Remembering and sharing stories of you,

our partners in mission in Canada

and around the world is such a blessing. 

We hope this project will be finished in book form by next Spring.

     As we continue to look towards the

future in search of new ways to live

mission, we remain involved in a joint housing project for sisters, brothers, priests and lay people.

     As always, we are grateful for your presence in our lives and we  hold you and yours in prayer.  Please do the same for us.

Srs. Suzanne Marshall

Mary Deighan

Christine Gebel

OLM Leadership Team

Contact us at:

2 Leander Court

Toronto, Ontario   M4B 2W1



Representing The God In Our Midst

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

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Jonathan Emerson is the acting Chaplain at the St Clair O’Connor Community, a Mennonite Project.  Jonathan is an ordained Anglican deacon, assisting in the Spiritual needs of the Residents living in the St Clair O’Connor  Community.


“Look, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall name him Emmanuel,” which means, “God is with us.” – Matthew 1:23 (NRSV)

What emotions do you associate with the Christmas season? As a chaplain working with seniors, it’s often grief due to remembering the many loved ones who have passed on before. Moreover, some seniors have very few, if any, loved ones to depend on. And so, there’s a very real sense in which I, and many other chaplains, find our call renewed during a most extraordinary and holy season: Christmas.

 Christmas is both extraordinary and holy because it announces that deity has genuinely taken on human flesh. And, while no one can fully comprehend such mysteries, the Incarnation’s overarching message is clear: “God is with us.” For, while God has variously demonstrated God’s love for humanity throughout history, only the witness of Jesus Christ enables us to fully appreciate the true nature and depth of that love. And, it’s precisely this sense of God’s empathy and immediacy that chaplains, however imperfectly, hope to convey.

 According to Harry R. Boer, “The Point of Christmas is that the simplest soul [is told] that God understands him. It tells him that God identifies with his problems, sorrows, hopes, frustrations, joys. God knows them not because God made him, not because God is all-knowing, but because God became a simple soul. God became a human being. God who is the ever-blest second Person of the Trinity, became what we call a person.”Thus, for chaplains who emphasize an incarnational approach to ministry, Christmas is the ultimate expression of our theological underpinnings. And especially, when we seek to come alongside and communicate encouragement to the most frail among us.

 Of course, as any other minister, I am happy when programs such as worship services and bible studies are well attended by able-bodied seniors. But, I’ve learned that the most important thing I can do, whether for them or for those at the end-of-life stage, is to enter into their world. And, as best I can, demonstrate that I identify with their unique problems, sorrows, hopes, frustrations, and joys. For, this is what I believe Christ would do if he were among them.







Chaplain Jonathan Emerson-Pierce

St Clair O’Connor Community






Sr. Rosemary Hughes, OLM – 60’th Anniversary

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

From Japan to Brazil to the Philippines to Canada’s North, and now here in Toronto, Sister Rosemary Hughes, OLM has lived mission for 60 years. Our Lady’s Missionaries gathered to celebrate with her on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, December 8, 2014. Fr. Dave Warren SFM presided at a Eucharist in which we gave thanks for Sr. Rosemary and for all those with whom she has lived and worked over the years.

We also remembered in prayer the people of the Philippines who are recovering from yet another devastating typhoon and all those suffering violence and injustice.  

After the Mass, we continued to celebrate over a supper filled with storytelling and much joy and laughter, warming and brightening a cold and dark evening.

 Sr. Christine Gebel,olm


Sister Christine Gebel,olm

Monday, December 1st, 2014

Christine Gebel OLM was one of a number of graduates of Regis College who received degrees and diplomas in Philosophy, Theology or Spirituality on Saturday November 22, 2014.

The graduates gathered in the chapel at Regis College, 100 Wellesley St. in Toronto, with family members and friends, members of the Regis College faculty and representatives from the other member colleges of the Toronto School of Theology.

They heard words of welcome, inspiration and encouragement from Father John Costello, SJ, President of Regis College, Father Peter Bisson, SJ, Chancellor of Regis College, the Honourable Michael Wilson, Chancellor of The University of Toronto and Jeremy Wilkins, a member of the Regis College faculty and Director of the Lonergan Research Institute, who gave the Convocation Address. The theme of the Convocation Address was “Listening”.

Sister Christine received the degree of Master of Arts in Ministry and Spirituality jointly from The University of Toronto and Regis College and a diploma in Spiritual Direction from Regis College.

Following the ceremony graduates, faculty, family, and friends gathered together for greeting, lunch and picture taking.

Sr. Frances Brady, olm


Sr. Christine Gebel olm

Srs. Suzanne Marshall, Christine Gebel, Mary Deighan olm

Srs. Noreen Kearns, Frances Brady, and Mary Gauthier olm