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Share The Table

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Three OLM’s were privileged to join people of different cultures and different faiths who recently gathered together at the Markham Welcome Centre on a Saturday afternoon to share….

….to share a story of sacrifice and faith from two different viewpoints – Abraham and Isaac in the Holy Bible, and Abraham and Ishmael in the Holy Quran.

…to share the table, enjoying a tasty lunch prepared by the Intercultural Dialogue Institute of Toronto.

Scarboro Missions was a co-sponsor of the event and MP Mark Adler, co-chair of the All-Party Interfaith Friendship Group expressed pleasure in being able to join us as well.

After everyone had partaken of the lovely meal, Julius Boquiren sang a Christian hymn and played his guitar. Then Christine Gebel olm told the story of Abraham & Isaac, and Nuray Gunel told the story of Abraham & Ishmael. Afterwards, we simply held the similarities and the differences together in our hearts… grateful for lessons learned regarding sacrifice and faith.

Sister Christine Gebel,olm


To learn more about this event and the Intercultural Dialogue Institute of Toronto, go to this link:

Share The Table, Christian-Muslim Friendship Lunch – Oct 2013 | Intercultural Dialogue Institute – GTA (Toronto)

Aysh from IDI

Aysh from IDI


Sharing a cup of Turkish Coffee

Sharing a cup of Turkish Coffee




Paul McKenna of Scarboro Missions

Paul of Scarboro Missions


Nuray Gunel

Nuray Gunel

Sister Therese MacDonald OLM – Memorial Service at Providence Healthcare

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

On October 17th, among the décor of autumn leaves and lighted candles, Therese MacDonald was dearly remembered by her sister Isobel and her OLM sisters in the Providence Healthcare chapel. It was a day when relatives and friends were invited to celebrate the lives and to pray for their loved ones who had recently died there. After the chaplains and staff voiced special prayers, songs and poems, the names of the deceased were called out. At that time Isobel received a lighted candle which spoke to us of Therese’s faith and the light she was to each one of us. After the inspiring liturgy, we were graciously served snacks where we continued to recall and be grateful for our many treasured memories.


Sister Myra Trainor, olm

CNWE Video

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

The Catholic Network for Women’s Equality (CNWE) has produced a short video describing its beginnings as well as its current activity. To watch it, go to this link:

 Catholic Network for Women’s Equality (CNWE) – YouTube

To learn more about CNWE, visit their website:


Catholic Network for Women’s Equality | CNWE offers a vision of church that is renewing and open to all!

OLM and Partners Meeting-October 6,2013

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

When OLM and OLM partners met for their regular gathering at Leander house, a special presentation was made by Mr. Murray Lumley, a committed activist, advocate and member of the Christian Peacemaker Teams. Through a series a video clips (see links below for a few of these videos), sourced from YouTube, and his own personal experiences, Mr. Lumley enlightened the group on how the use of fracking  (or hydraulic fracturing, defined as the unconventional extraction of  oil and gas from shale rocks deep beneath the earth) has impacted on the First Nations. He focused specifically on the current struggles of the Elsipogtog First Nations in New Brunswick in their fight against fracking. The videos showed the strength of the native people, mostly spearheaded by the women, fearlessly blocking thumper trucks and strapping themselves to the seismic equipment of SWN (an American owned Company, that has been permitted by the New Brunswick Provincial government to explore and extract gas from Crown Land near the Elsipogtog region). Initially their resistance, which began actively in July of this year, resulted in temporary stoppage of SWN’s operation. However, in September, SWN returned and the native people have continued to blockade their operation site.  To date they are gaining more support from various groups and their leaders proclaimed that they are taking back the land initialy designated as Crown Land.

In the discussion following the presentation, a remark was made that the native people are doing a great service to Canada, as they are more active in taking up the cause against fracking and stopping abuses to our environment. More people could take more active roles as this alarming issue will have serious affects.  Mr. Lumley, when asked of the consequences of fracking, stated that it may cause more frequent earthquakes, contamination of the water table, and the phenomenon seen in the movie Gasland in which water from the tap contains so much methane, it can catch fire.  Additionally the fracking process requires tremendous amounts of water and recent statistics show that there is not enough water to continue developing this process.  Overall, the presentation was very interesting yet very disturbing. 

Goya Caronan, olm partner


▶ Fracking – Explained In Two Minutes – YouTube

Partners Gathering

Partners Gathering

Partners Gathering

Partners Gathering


Partners Gathering

Partners Gathering

The Old Lady

Friday, October 4th, 2013