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OLM Meeting and Barbeque

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013



 A fine way to start the summer – and a new year

The OLM community celebrated with a barbecue to mark a year’s work with its partners. The gathering was held on June 16 at the Leander Court house and was attended by new and not-so-new friends of the community.

At the opening session there was a review of the previous year’s activities, which included

  • A talk on human trafficking, given by Srs Joan Missaen and Mary Deighan on September 23, 2012;
  • A pre-Christmas envelope-stuffing of OLM greeting cards to the congregation’s  friends in the community (October 21, 2012);
  • Another talk on human trafficking, this time focusing on refugees and given by Loly Rico of the FCJ Refugee Centre (November 18, 2013);
  • A presentation on the aboriginal women’s experience, given by Denise Booth, of the Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto (February 10, 2013); and
  •  The showing of a DVD called “It’s Time” from 8th Fire (on April 14, 2013).

In the review of these activities, the attendees were asked to focus on three questions: What was helpful/interesting about these activities? What could have been done better? and, What are your suggestions for the future?

The gathering was unanimous in the sentiment that all the discussions focused on the theme of helping people in distress, as a result of either human trafficking, or being forced to leave their homes due to war or other conflicts, or, as aboriginals, particularly women, facing abuse or other oppressive situations.

Those gathered agreed to focus on more of these issues in future partners’ meetings, and all were encouraged to join activities in the general community that would help support these causes, like attending demonstrations or prayer rallies. Mention was also made of helping to ease the situation of people in Palestine.

The gathering was attended and enjoyed  by long-time OLM partners, friends and many of the OLM Sisters.

 Mina Velasco, OLM Partner

End of Year BBQ

End of Year BBQ