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An Easter Reflection

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Easter is a journey from death to life. For the Hebrews it was the death to slavery from which God led them to their own land – free at last. With Jesus it was death by execution on the cross to a resurrected divine life. And for us , his followers, we are called to make a similar journey! How is it going? I’m talking about a personal journey, your journey and my journey. It is a journey from believing we are slaves called to obey a harsh, punitive God to believing in a God who delights in us, all of us, and who hungers to share life with us; a God who invites us to help build the kingdom right here on earth; a God who counts what we do to others as done to God’s own self. What does this journey look like?  It’s about dying to mistreating others as just competitors to cherishing them as sisters and brothers; dying to wrecking our environment like it was ours in favour of reverencing it as stewards; dying to complacency while the majority of our sisters and brothers live in chaos, hungry, being tortured, enslaved, homeless as if these deaths have nothing to do with us. With this kind of description of what death to life means it’s not hard to name some of our dark, negative attitudes. Once we name and own them we bring them to God, the only one who can extract us from our addictions. In prayer, daily, alone and in silence we know in faith that the God , who loves us infinitely, holds us, heals us and will bring us to freedom, the fullness of life in God’s own time.  


OLM Easter

Earth Hour-2013

Monday, March 25th, 2013

OLM Sisters at our Cosburn House participated in this years Earth Hour holding our Earth in prayer. Our prayer was one of gratefulness for the gift the earth is to each of us and for all the earth provides for our happiness, water, flowers, trees and all animals. We prayed for forgiveness of our neglect and the destruction we are continuing to ignore and asked forgiveness. We resolved to remain vigilant in being responsible stewards of God’s special gift to us “our Earth.”





Thursday, March 21st, 2013


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An OLM House

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Recently, due to needed accommodation for our Sisters, Our Lady’s Missionaries rented a small house in Toronto in the same neighborhood as the Central House.   Now residing there, are Sister Frances Brady and Sister Noreen Kearns.

Joanith House

Joanith House

International Women’s Day

Friday, March 8th, 2013

As has been our custom for quite a few years, several OLMs joined the annual CNWE (Catholic Network for Women’s Equality) action to raise awareness regarding human trafficking which is held on or near International Women’s Day.  First, we gathered in prayer to reflect and to learn more about the issues.  Then, we walked together in silence to the corner of Bay and Bloor with placards and pamphlets designed to alert people to the fact that human trafficking is happening HERE and NOW.  Many passers-by thanked us for our presence.  Unfortunately, there were also many who simply ignored us.  But we cannot continue to ignore the presence of human trafficking in our midst.

One section of the CNWE pamphlet states: 

Why are we trying to raise awareness of this problem?

We believe in the dignity of every human person.  Trafficking abuses the basic rights of mainly women and girls.  Human trafficking has become a hidden and disgusting part of the global economy, and it’s up to all of us to become informed about the issue, and work together to make it a thing of the past.


To learn more, go to:     


Silent Procession to the corner of Bay & Bloor

Silent Procession to the corner of Bay & Bloor














At the Corner of Bay & Bloor

At the Corner of Bay & Bloor


At the corner of Bay & Bloor

At the Corner of Bay & Bloor




In Memory of Sister Therese MacDonald O.L.M. 1927 – 2013

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Life is a breath in the Eternal Dance, a gift to be reverenced with trust, an opportunity to grow in spirit and truth that in passing into new Life, you enter into the Heavenly City.

Nan Merrill, Psalms for Praying pg.198


Sister Therese MacDonald died in Toronto on the 26th of February, 2013.  She had worked as a missionary overseas, first in Nigeria and then for many years in Brazil. In 1993 she was assigned to ministry in Canada and though she did not have robust health, she accomplished a great deal both in the Community’s Finance Office and in her many projects. Late in 2012, she moved to Providence Healthcare where she was very well cared for, as she herself acknowledged. She is greatly missed by her family and by her OLM Sisters and her many other friends.

Sr.Patricia Kay,olm

Sr. Therese MacDonald OLM

Sr. Therese MacDonald OLM