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A return to Haiti

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Sister Mary Alban Bouchard,csj, Sister of St Joseph Toronto has spent many years working in Haiti especially during the January 12, 2010 earthquake.  January 28th she  once again will be returning to her beloved Haiti.  The following poem written by Sister Mary Alban expresses her deep love and respect for the Haitian people and the how they graciously cope with their lives. 


Rising from the darkness of a blackout

The words of the Haitian people

Sitting together in the street

Reach my ears as the chant:

Rdi, rdi, lavi-a pa fasil, zanmi;

Do your best; life is not easy, my friend,

But do not be afraid, do not fear,

Your older brother is here.

Hold on, hold on, don’t let go.

Give me your hand.

You take my hand,

I’ll take yours.

Stand firm, don’t let go.

It is true that the rock in the water

Does not know the misery

Of the rock in the sun.

It is true that behind every mountain

Is another mountain.

Our troubles are never finished.

One follows another.

But hold on,don’t let go .

I am your brother.

Stand firm.  Keep your footing .

Lavi-a pa fasil.

Life is not easy.

Thank you for giving me your hand.


                   Sister Mary Alban,csj


Sr. Mary Alban CSJ

Sr. Mary Alban CSJ