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Christmas Greeting

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

and she gave birth to her first born son

                                  and laid him in a manger …….”  Luke 2:7


 Each year we are irresistibly drawn to the newness of the Christmas story

and to marvel at Mary’s complete trust

In God’s love for her

Mary was so open to God that Jesus could take flesh in her and

that’s  God’s yearning for each of us.

 As we risk opening ourselves to God’s love we are healed and made whole

so that we, in turn, can bring that love in to our families, our communities, our world.

And Christ is born again and again.

May you be blest with this Christmas gift today and always.

Sr Suzanne Marshall,Congregational leader and Community 

OLM Christmas 2 (3)

A Tribute to John Benoit

Friday, December 14th, 2012

John Benoit is the brother in- law of Sister Gwen Legault O.L.M. He and his Wife Gaye are  close friends of our Community.  Sr Patricia Kay has composed this memorial poem as a tribute to John.


On the Death of John Benoit

An early morning hush lies over Crysler

The snow sits softly on roof and railing

-an atmosphere to suit the occasion

the death of a great man

And today his funeral Mass is to be celebrated

What do people say of him?

He was faithful, devoted , friendly, steadfast, reliable

-a person you could turn to in need

And now he’s gone!

Except it’s not really far

You see him in his children, his grandchildren and his great-grandchildren

He’s in the deeper consciousness of his beloved wife and all who loved him

In a legacy of service to his community

And in the communion of saints on the other side

Waiting for us all.

Patricia Kay, olm

Today is World Day of Interconnectedness

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

How will you celebrate?

Press Release Excerpt:   World Day of InterConnectedness to be Celebrated on 12-12-12

On December 12, 2012, the world will celebrate the simple fact that we are all interconnected and we are all parts of one living system called Planet Earth. During 24 hours starting at noon in every time zone, this will be manifested in a multitude of events on every continent, carried out by individuals, groups, communities, organizations, businesses and cities. It will be a truly global event on a unique date with people participating in their homes, in parks or in the city square, through concerts, ceremonies, seminars or on-line events.


For more information and a glimpse of a beautiful website, go to:




A Reflection on Advent

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Advent is the season of hope. We are inclined to look forward with deeper trust and greater expectations as we prepare to celebrate once again the birth of Jesus, of God become human among us. Surely the fact that God has chosen to be so intimately connected with us assures us that we and all that God has created are precious. Surely this gives us reason for hopefulness.

Our hope does not however leave us passively waiting for God to act, to make everything right. God has chosen by being so closely connected with us, to give us a role and responsibility as co-creators, as active participants in the unfolding life of our world.

I like the image that Joanna Macy offers when she speaks and writes about “active hope”. Joanna says that hope is something you do, not something you have.  You direct your life and actions towards the object of your hope by acting in ways that will bring it about. What might this mean for us this Advent? Some possibilities come to mind.

When we speak out about issues of concern to us we would be actively hoping for a world in which every voice is heard and all are treated fairly.

Active hope for competent and respectful care for the sick would lead us to giving a portion of our time to providing some of that care.

We would be actively hoping for a just and welcoming society when we help refugees and immigrants to become settled and feel at home, and when we open our homes to more than personal friends.

Providing food and shelter for the poor and homeless would draw attention to our active hope for a time when no one will be deprived of the necessities for a humane life.

Our active hope for a healthy and life sustaining environment would find expression in our awareness of how we use the resources available for us.

Advent is a time for awe, wonder and gratitude for what God invites us to and anticipation of all that is possible. It is a time to ponder our part in this divine/human relationship, to consider how we can be active in bringing about all that God offers and for which we live in hope.

by Sr. Frances Brady olm

This Advent

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

The following  composed by Sister Marie Clarkson,OLM is a poem to help us reflect  during the weeks of Advent

how to wait                                                                     

in eagerness                                               

with expectation                  

when a struggling multitude                            

flashes across the screen    

earth-shattering upheaval

seen today                   

are we not one                                           


there too                                                                

nations with pageantry                           

colour galore               

clock-like precision                         

these voiceless people

are we not one                                                     


and closer still                                                      

those scrambling for more                                

more ever more          

causing deluge and divide

the ever widening gap

are we not one                                           


and so                                                           

from some inner depth                                      

comes forth a longing

a yearning

for readiness to believe

to welcome

the goodness in me

or the God-ness

in you        

this advent                                        

we wait with eagerness

in expectation

for we are one                                 



Written by Sister Marie Clarkson, olm