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Renowned Golden Rule scholar to lecture at Scarboro Missions

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Dear Friends:


Renowned Golden Rule scholar, Dr. Jeffrey Wattles, will lecture at Scarboro Missions in Toronto on Saturday, October 13 at 1:30 p.m. His talk is entitled “The Golden Rule’s power in the present planetary crisis.”


Dr. Wattles is a professor of philosophy at Kent State University in Ohio (USA). Some observers consider his book, The Golden Rule (Oxford University Press) to be the best discussion of the Golden Rule in the English language.


For more information about this event, click the link below to view a flyer about the event or see attachment.


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Paul McKenna

Scarboro Missions Interfaith Dept.

Reflection as Sr. Mary Gauthier Departs for Guyana

Friday, September 14th, 2012

 I’d like to begin with those familiar words of Isaiah  (Isa 52:7 )

How beautiful on the mountains, are the feet of one who brings good news, who heralds peace, brings happiness and proclaims salvation”

Gathered here as Mary leaves for her new mission in Guyana , we think of how many times we have heard those words before. They were often spoken when any one of us here set off for our mission. Those scriptural feet were never described in detail as belonging to the young or the old…..just that they were the feet of one who had the privilege to again share the Gospel with others far away.

As a young Sister, Mary set off for the Philippines, a country she had never seen before. She did not know the language spoken nor a great deal about the culture there. This time she is going to Guyana which she has at least visited before. And this time she is a seasoned missioner…but now on older feet. There surely will be many challenges ahead. She has to rely more than ever on the abiding presence of Christ in her heart and the powerful company of the community of Saints available to her.

Even as we all face diminishment, are we not all called to keep living life as long as life is given to us? Aren’t we to keep doing what we can, to help one another and love as Jesus loves? He himself told us to “love one another just as I have loved you”. So isn’t  our mission the same everywhere….in Canada, Guyana or Brazil? We are to be good news to those around us.

Thank you Mary for your inspiration to all of us! Go well on blessed feet to the orphans and widows and anyone else you meet who needs you.

Our prayers go with you! Carry us all in your heart as most of us remain in Canada also attempting to answer the call to be the good news of the Gospel to those around us.

 Patricia Kay olm