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Friday, June 29th, 2012
 A Diamond Jubilee Gala was held at Roy Thomson Hall on June 18th, 2012.  In recognition of their significant contributions and achievements, 600 persons received Diamond Jubilee medals which were presented by a number of other distinguished Canadians.  Among those honoured were three members of Our Lady’s missionaries:  Sr. Mona Kelly, Sr. Elaine MacInnes and Sr. Susan Moran.  Congratulations to each of them!
by Sr. Mary Deighan, olm

BSr. Mona Kelly olm


Sr. Susan Moran olm



















Sr. Elaine MacInnes olm

River Run Walk

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

On Friday a whole week of activities seeking to raise awareness about mercury poisoning and Indigenous land rights culminated with a march and rally. These events were planned by the Community Leaders from Grassy Narrows. Some of the youth involved walked more than 2,000 km from their homes in Grassy Narrows. Along the way they stopped to learn about the value of water from elders across the province. Water contamination is only one of the countless ways Indigenous peoples in Canada have experienced the devastating impacts of government and corporate destruction on their sovereign territory. For the people of Grasssy and those on the same watershed this has inflicted major health problems from mercury poisoning. The River Run Walk takes its name from the long blue streamers which participants carry in a colourful simulation of a river as they proceed up University Avenue to the Parliament Buildings where speeches are given by various community leaders and their supporters. I participated in the walk as a reserve member of Christian Peacemakers Team for the third time and was once again inspired by their courage, wisdom and deep love of mother earth and we, her children. Their whole situation and their resilience is so similar to the Palestinians. May we each seek ways to walk in solidarity with them in our shared desire to heal ourselves and mother earth.

By Sr. Rosemary Williamson, olm

Faithful C.W.L.Friends

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012
With grateful hearts OLM Sisters Gwen Legault and Mary Gauthier received the yearly cheque from the Catholic Women’s League of Alexandria/Cornwall Diocese. This occasion was at the Annual Convention on May 27, 2012 in Ingleside Ontario.  When Our Lady’s Missionaries were founded in 1949 our founder, Fr. Dan  Macdonald asked the CWL for support.  Over the years they have been faithful through selling roses on Mother’s Day.  The sisters were inspired with enthusiasm as the CWL women shared their stories.  In thanksgiving for the day Fr. Kelvin Maloney celebrated the Eucharist followed by a delicious banquet with us.
Sr. Mary Gauthier olm
                        Cathy  Meek, Sr Mary Gauthier,Sr Gwen Legault, Lynn Pomman

Sr.s Mary Gauthier and Gwen Legault, olm with CWL Friends