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Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

what legacy

   is mine

how to see

   the gift

      of one dandelion

who will welcome


delight in



   for a distant

      field of yellow


   the solitary dandelion

      knows of

         the marvel

            of  life

in darkness

   tiny roots

      receive nourishment

tender shoots

   press upward

      squeeze through

         the smallest crack

to greet the sun


      fresh air

the breath of life


   a child

      will offer



   I hold in awe

   a dandelion


   a part of all

Marie Clarkson,olm


Six Weeks in Hebron

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

On April 29, 2012 Our Lady’s Missionaries with our “Partners Group” listened to a presentation by Sister Rosemary Williamson,olm telling us of her experiences during the six weeks working with the Christian Peacemaker Teams in Hebron.  She explained how the occupation and seizure of the Palestinian lands has increased since 1946.

The daily work of the CPT includes helping school children at the check points, documenting human rights abuses, visiting families and advocating for Palestinian rights as well as linking up with other NGO’s .  Rosemary related how she witnessed arbitrary searches of young men, followed by their being forced to march blindfolded and handcuffed to military bases.  There were also random searches of schoolchildren’s bags being inspected and humiliating searches of teachers who had to pass through the check points daily and were well known to the military.  The CPT members also visited one family who had their home demolished three times.  The father remains determined to rebuild as his family have farmed there for many generations.

Many Israelis recognize the injustice of the Occupation and are in solidarity with the Palestinians through various organizations resisting and choosing a non violent way to a peaceful and just solution.  However in their present situation the politics and governments hold the power so, hopes, wishes and actions are limited.

Myra Trainor,olm



Leonard and I were really pleased to have the opportunity to hear first hand of Rosie Williamson’s experiences with the Christian Peacemaker Teams in Palestine.  We realized that we had absolutely no idea of the reality of the situation there.  We typically just know what we hear or see in the media.  The pictures were so vivid and Rosie’s recollection of each situation had tremendous impact.  One of the thoughts that we came away with was amazement that the people still have hope after all they have experienced.  God bless Rosie and so many others for their work.
Len and Carol Gauthier


“The presentation on Sr.Rosemary’s recent experience in Palestine was thought provoking and illustrated how little we know about the lives of people in occupied countries throughout the world”. Sr Patricia Kay, olm

“Sr.Rosemary’s power point presentation on her work with Christian Peacemaker Teams was well received by all present.  Following the question period we had a social hour together where we were able to discuss and share what we had heard from the presentation”  Sr.Doris MacDonell, olm