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A Gathering of OLM’s and Partners

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012


On Sunday January 22, 2012, OLM’S hosted an afternoon with  our OLM partners.  The theme of the gathering was “WATER”.  We watched a video showing us the global availability and the unequal distribution of the sources of fresh water.  We also heard an interesting report from Annie Leonard regarding misconceptions about the benefits of  marketed  purchased bottled water in preference to our own household tap water.  Some comments from a few who attended the gathering:

“Coming together with a group of people with like experiences and beliefs was a highlight for me. I felt as if there was a commonality to our gathering and I felt a real passion and commitment from the discussions we had that day concerning the water footprint. It made me more conscious of our individual responsibilities and how it all starts at home. It was an eye opener realizing just how much water can be saved with virtually no effort which I am reminded of every time I brush my teeth! I look forward to future discussions and am grateful to be included.”

 Maureen Mattice

“The input and discussion about water was very informative and challenging.  It is always a pleasure for me to visit the OLM’s and friends in an informal setting.”   

Anne Leonard

“I was happy and grateful to spend an afternoon with generous and joyful old and new friends of OLM’s. We shared insights into important current topics, i.e. water,  while at the same time becoming aware of issues that unite us.”    

Sr. Rosemarie Donovan, olm.