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Easter Greetings from Our Lady’s Missionaries

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011
Easter Greetings

Easter Greetings

Amidst the anxiety and uncertainty of our times,

may the joy of the resurrection empower us

to bring new life to our world.

Sr. Mary Hughes OLM, Celebrates 90 Years of Life

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Our Lady’s Missionaries rejoice with Sr. Mary Hughes who has just spent the past week celebrating her 90 years of life with community, family and colleagues at St. Brigid’s Out of the Cold. 

Mary spent much of her missionary life in Brazil and recalls those days with much love.  She now lives mission by volunteering at Out of the Cold, welcoming visitors to our Central House, and being a companionable presence for other OLM’s.

Congratulations Mary!         

Sr. Mary Hughes OLM

Sr. Mary Hughes OLM

Below are photos of one of Mary’s parties, held last April 2 at our Central House.


Monday, April 4th, 2011

On the evening of March 26, sisters and friends and family of Our Lady’s Missionaries gathered in Toronto, Canada and in Cagayan de Oro, the Philippines to observe Earth Hour 2011.

EARTH HOUR—-2011 at our Leander House

By Therese MacDonald, OLM

In the first Chapter of Genesis, we read that in creating the universe, God brought into being, the Earth.  This consisted of forming:  oceans, land, light (as all was darkness), sun and moon which formed day and night), fruit, plants, birds, fish, animals and last of all humans.  The humans were to have responsibility for the care of all of creation.

Along with many peoples of our planet, on March 26, 2011, the OLMs at Leander Court reminded themselves of this responsibility by shutting the lights off for an hour, shortly after darkness fell.  First all gathered for a short meditative prayer service.  A few candles danced as we opened our Earth thoughts with singing, ‘Dance in the Darkness’.  Then the song reminded us to surrender to the redeeming grace of the evening.   This was followed by five short readings, interspersed with shared observations. The words from the chosen texts which inspired the sisters were mainly darkness, then creatures, stones, book, silence, planting, contemplations, reaping harvest, prayer, and thank you. 

When the prayers ended, we spent the remainder of the hour in pleasant conversation recalling our experiences with darkness.  There were times it could bring on fear but mainly it had been a pleasant relaxing time.  And as we sang in our accompanying song, ‘it slowed down our pace.’


Lights out, hearts open – Earth Hour at our Cosburn House

By Mina Velasco, OLM Associate

Earth Hour at the Cosburn House was a quiet time of deep reflection. All participants – Srs. Norma Samar, Frances Brady, Rosemary Hughes, Gwen Legault, Rosemary Williamson, and OLM associate Mina Velasco – took part around little candles, in prayer and the sharing of ideas, and listening to the quiet of the night. In the neighbourhood, the sisters noticed several houses were also participating with their lights out. A young man waiting for a bus outside the house waved a silent symbol of support for the activity. We were heartened by the darkened evening – truly it was a time to think of Earth, humankind’s homeland.


EARTH HOUR—-2011 at our Rosalind House

By 8:30pm all the lights were turned off at our house and we lit a few candles, spending the first part of Earth Hour in prayerful reflection on the goodness and beauty of the Earth.  We shared our gratitude as well as our concerns and fears… as well as our hopes that we humans will learn how to live in better harmony with the rest of creation.  We too sang “Dance in the Darkness,” letting the gentle rhythm of the song slow our pace and open us up to redeeming grace.


EARTH HOUR —-2011 in the Philippines

Sr. Lorie Nuñez, OLM joined her family in Cagayan de Oro to observe Earth Hour.  Sitting outside the house, they spent part of the time singing songs with Sr. Lorie’s little niece, Hannah.  When Hannah noticed that the neighbours had not turned out their lights, she rang their doorbell and asked them to do so.  And they did.  …Perhaps a good reminder that it’s really for the next generation, of humans and of all species, that we take action today.