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New Link Added to OLM Web-site

Thursday, October 21st, 2010
Did you know that the folks at Scarboro Missions are doing great things in the area of Interfaith Dialogue?   Recently Our Lady’s Missionaries received an announcement from Paul McKenna in the Interfaith Department of Scarboro Missions about a new development in the Golden Rule Poster Program:  A Golden Rule Curriculum for Schools and Youth Groups.  And we’re happy to post a link to this important document.  
Below is Paul’s letter….   
Re:   Golden Rule Curriculum for schools and youth groups   

Dear interfaith allies:


Scarboro Missions is proud to announce the publication of what we believe to be the most comprehensive Golden Rule curriculum ever produced in history. Using the logic of circles, rules, moral modeling and the Golden Rule, this curriculum unit inspires and supports young people to become global citizens rooted in the Golden Rule.

The students’ learning experience is enriched through drama, art, music, group reflection, journaling and rap. The curriculum can be used in public schools, religious schools and youth organizations. This curriculum unit boasts a wealth of resources, websites, and Internet Links relevant to the subject matter.

Titled “A Rule Made of Gold” and geared to an international audience, the curriculum is also available in Word and pdf format.

This project, which has been in the works for eight years, was authored by my brother, Gregory, and a team of teachers from across Ontario.

If appropriate, please forward this curriculum to individuals and organizations in your network, particularly teachers and youth educators. Please feel free to link this document to your website.

To view or download the new curriculum free of charge, click here:
Paul McKenna

OLM’s in Philippines Send Thanksgiving Greetings

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010
Dear Friends, Lorie Nunez and Mary Gauthier want to send early greetings from Our Lady’s Missionaries Philippines this year. We decided to send greetings for Canadian Thanksgiving rather than at Christmas time. This is because we will be leaving our home of many years our mission, our ministry in the Philippines…
  For sure there are mixed feelings as we are called to move on and wait to discover what new surprises God has for us. We will always be missionaries as each one of you is called to be missionaries where you live. May we be instrument of God’s presence as well as peace to each other and all of God’s creation. remembering our interconnectness with all.
  Mary will leave for Canada Dec 8th and Lorie will continue her MA studies at Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro and will come to Canada in April 2011. Lorie will live with another group of Sisters until she comes to Canada.
  Join with us in Thanking God for the gift of life and for the privilege of being called to share this gift of life in the Philippines. We thank our OLM Sister’s and each one of you for your love and support in helping us to live out our call. 

With gratitude,

Mary and Lorie


Wednesday, October 6th, 2010
Our Lady’s Missionaries have updated our post on the Canadian web-site sponsored by the National Association of Vocation/Formation Directors.  This web-site includes Frequently Asked Questions, Prayers & Meditations, and Video Clips about Vocation as well as a Directory of Religious Congregations and a place where you can submit your own questions regarding Vocation.
To see OLM’s updated post on this web-site, click on: